Susanville School District - SARC and STAR
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The STAR Program includes four components:Top of Page

· California Standards Tests (CSTs)

This series of tests are used to determine how well students are performing on the skills and standards of their grade level. Unlike norm-referenced tests such as the SAT/9 that compare students to other students, the Standards Tests compare individual student performance to a specific set of grade level learning objectives. In this way, teachers and parents get a clearer picture of what each student has learned, and can respond accordingly.


· California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA)

This set of tests is designed to assessment the progress of students having significant disabilities and is helpful in making determinations about the student's progress on Individual Education Plan objectives.


· Spanish Assessment of Basic Education, Second Edition (SABE/2)

This test is used primarily for those students without previous exposure to the English language who need to be assessed in Spanish.

The governor signed legislation reauthorizing the STAR Program through 2011 during August 2004. The reauthorized program reduced the CAT/6 Survey test to grades three and seven. No other changes affected the spring 2005 administration.


California Standards Tests (CSTs), cornerstone of the school accountability system.

The purpose of the CSTs is to determine students' achievement of the California Academic Content Standards for each grade or course. Students' scores are compared to preset criteria to determine if the students' performance on the test is advanced, proficient, basic, below basic, or far below basic. The state target is for all students to score at the proficient and advanced levels.

The CSTs are a major component of California 's accountability system for schools and districts. CST and CAPA results are the major component used for calculating each school's Academic Performance Index (API). These results are also used for determining if elementary and middle schools are making adequate yearly progress in helping all students become proficient on the state's academic content standards as required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. High school students may also use CST results to qualify for the California Golden State Seal Merit Diploma