James Hall, Board President

Elected: 2014
Term of Office Expires: 2018
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James HallAs a native of Susanville, I attended McKinley Elementary School and Diamond View School as a child. Now I am honored to serve on the Susanville School District Board of Trustees. Our three children all attend school in the District. My wife and I are actively involved in the PTA and see great value in active and engaged parents and communities. I serve as a Pastor in the community and as a Program Manager for the Lassen County Office of Education. I am also a member of the Susanville Kiwanis Club and have served on various community and school-wide committees. I believe that the District  provides a quality education to our students and I am commited to making sure that this continues.

Camille Buehler, Board Vice President

Re-Elected: 2014
Term of Office Expires: 2018
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Camille BuehlerI am the mother of three school-aged children, all of whom attend school in the Susanville School District. I currently run our two family businesses and try to participate as much as possible in our children’s extracurricular activities. I am the owner of my own Professional Engineering and Surveying Company, which I established in 2000. I have enjoyed designing and building many public agency projects in Lassen County over the last 11 years. I also run my husband’s dental office, which was established in 2009. We have lived in Susanville for 13 years, and enjoy all that the city has to offer in terms of outdoor activities, as we are avid mountain bikers, runners, and skiers. My primary focus as a Board Member is to try to navigate the limitations the State has placed on us with a woeful lack of funding and attempt to still create an educational environment for our children that does not reflect our current financial crisis. I believe we are well on the path to making important changes in the District, and I am excited for the goals we have in place.

Pamela Woodworth, Board Clerk

Re-Elected: 2016
Term of Office Expires: 2020
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Pam WoodworthI was appointed to the Board in 2009 to fill an open seat due to the loss of Board Member Chris Ritz; I was honored to be chosen to complete his term of office and have been elected to continue in this position. While on the School Board we have seen many different great things happen for the benefit of our children. Diamond View School has become one of the most beautiful campuses in Lassen County and hosts many events; such as the 7th grade Career Day and Lit Jam sponsored by the Lassen County Office of Education. Meadow View and McKinley Schools have received new computers for the students to learn 21st Century technology skills and be well prepared to interact with the new online testing system each 3rd-8th grade student will take each Spring. Meadow View School campus is proud to be the home of Leap Ahead Learning Center. McKinley School Campus is the home of the Lassen County Office of Education’s after school program and their preschool program as well. I take a great deal of pride in being a representative of the Susanville School District Community as an elected member of the Board of Trustees.

Jenna Aguilera, Board Representative

Elected: 2016
Term of Office Expires: 2020
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Fred Autenrieb, Board Trustee

Elected: 2014
Term of Office Expires: 2018
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Fred Autenrieb