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Business Services

Michelle BrownWelcome to Susanville School District Business Services. The District operates a total budget of approximately $12.3 million and follows a single-budget adoption process which requires school districts to conduct a public hearing and adopt a final budget by July 1st of each year.  The budget process also requires the District to submit two interim reports to the Governing Board of the District.  The first interim report covers the financial and budgetary status for the period ending October 31st. The second interim report covers the financial and budgetary status for the period ending January 31st. The interim reports and supporting data is made available by the school district for public review 45 days after the close of the reporting period.

The district operates a variety of funds:  General Fund, Cafeteria Fund, Deferred Maintenance Fund, Special Reserve Fund, Bond (Building) Fund, Capital Facilities Fund, and School Facility Fund.

A variety of instructional, educational and general support programs are included in the General Fund. Categorical projects funded by Federal, State, County and Local sources are also reported in this fund. The majority of the funding for the General Fund is received from Local Control Funding Formula funds (state and local tax dollars) based on student attendance and unduplicated pupil percentage.  These funds are included in the unrestricted General Fund.  The restricted General Fund receives funding from the state for special education.  It also includes federal funding for Title I, Title II, Title VII and other categorical programs.  The balance of funding for the General Fund comes from a variety of other sources including Forest Reserves, Medi-Cal Administrative Activities and lottery.

The Cafeteria Fund is a restricted fund.  All Federal, State and Local revenues, payments, and program reimbursement received from the National School Lunch/Breakfast program must be deposited into the cafeteria fund and the funds are to be used solely for the operation and/or improvement of the school food service program for children.

The remaining funds operated by the district are designed to maintain and provide for school facilities. These funds provide for construction, modernization and improvement of school facilities.  Income has been provided by the State’s Office of Public School Construction, local development, and voter-approved school bonds.


2016/2017 General Fund Adopted Budget Revenues:

General Fund: $10,010,943
LCFF Limit Sources: $8,262,781
Federal Sources:  $420,846
Other State Sources:  $719,158
Other Local Sources:  $608,158
Per Pupil Expenditures: $9,087.96

2016/2017 Adopted Budget Expenditures:

Fund 01 General Fund:  $10,480,033.89
          Certificated Salaries: $3,910,399.89
          Classified Salaries: $1,244,078.07
          Employee Benefits: $2,875,297.03
          Book/Supplies: $694,162.00
          Service & Other Operating: $1,324,492.90
               Capital Outlay: $276,553
               Other Outgo: $178,093
               Indirect Costs: <$23,042>
               Transfers Out: $52,906
Fund 13 Cafeteria Fund:  $485,375
Fund 14 Deferred Maintenance Fund: $0
Fund 17 Special Reserve Fund:  $0
Fund 21 Bond (Building) Fund:  $1,315,000
Fund 25 Capital Facilities Fund:  $10,500
Fund 35 County School Facility Fund:  $0
2014/2015 TOTAL DISTRICT BUDGET:  $12,290,908.89
Questions about the budget:

Questions about the budget:

Can be directed to the Chief Business Official Michelle Brown at or (530)257-8200.