Welcome to Susanville School District

Welcome to the Susanville School District website. The Susanville School District endeavors to educate all students to their fullest potential, and to promote responsible, self-reliant, independent, caring students who have the skills and attitudes necessary to become successful and productive citizens within a safe, supportive environment.

The Susanville School District is the largest K-8 school district in Lassen County and consists of three schools within  the greater City of Susanville area.  The District currently encompasses the City of Susanville and stretches north  to the shores of beautiful Eagle Lake.  With a student population of over 1100 elementary students in 2018, the  Susanville School District  serves as a leader in the county's educational community.

School houses were originally established in the Susanville area as early as 1863; where a one-story school was built on the southwest side of Cottage and Weatherlow Streets.  In 1864, the county mapped the boundaries for the school districts in the area.  In 1900, a two-story brick schoolhouse was built; the Susanville Grammar School had ten classrooms for its students.  Established in 1925, the Susanville School District has played an integral role in the history of the City of Susanville and Lassen County.  Washington School was the original grammar school in Susanville and was later joined by Lincoln, Roosevelt  and McKinley Schools.  In 1938, Roosevelt Pool was opened behind the Roosevelt School on Richmond Road.  Today, the three schools servicing the students of the Susanville School District are: McKinley School (K-2), Meadow View School (3-5) and Diamond View School (6-8).  With a wide range of programs and fantastic teaching staff, the students of the Susanville School District are well served in their educational needs.

We hope that our interactive website serves as a vital resource for the students and parents in our community.  Please check back often as we will be continually updating the content on the website in order to make the site a valuable communication tool for all users.


The Susanville School District consists of the following schools:
Diamond View School (6th-8th Grades)
Meadow View School (3rd- 5th Grades)
McKinley School (K- 2nd Grades)
All information provided is regarding these schools only. We may pass along information as we hear from other districts/schools. We do confer with the high school when making school closure announcements because they provide the school bus services for the county. The superintendents of the local school districts do try to work together to make decisions that benefit the safety of our students, families and community regarding school closures. Please understand that making the decision to close school is an important decision which impacts the school district, staff, students, and parents in many ways. The decision to close school is never made lightly. We use local media, social media (Facebook), and an emergency alert system to inform our entire district of situations. Please contact our office at (530) 257-8200 if you are a part of our district and do not receive calls, texts or emails when an emergency situation arises, so we can make sure your information is entered correctly into our system.
We would like to thank everyone for your patience and your positive helpful comments and feedback when emergency situations do arise. This allows us to better prepare and inform the public.